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Custom Design & Build Services


The Jardins St. Paul condos and townhomes for sale are a demonstration the vision and passion of its Architect & Builder, Joseph Ventimiglia. With two decades of experience designing custom homes in the Detroit area, and more than 60 successful projects, Mr. Ventimiglia offers his clients exceptional custom designs and access to exclusive materials and reliable, highly skilled tradespeople.

Designed & Built by Joseph Ventimiglia

(read more about his vision here)


Getting started on your custom home is easy. These are the 5 steps:

  1. Initial Consult with our Realtor/Design Liaison. We’ll discuss the size of your ideal home, the neighborhood(s) you are considering and we’ll browse & select available vacant parcels of land.

  2. Design Consult with Mr. Ventimiglia. You will be presented various layout options, based on your design ideas and budget, to best optimize land space and meet your needs .

  3. Land Purchase. Once you are satisfied with the draft design, we’ll help you make an offer on the land parcel. During the due diligence period, you’ll officially hire Mr. Ventimiglia as your architect and builder.

  4. Home Design & Financing. During this phase, the final design details are submitted to and approved by the City. If you plan to finance your home, you’ll go through the steps to obtain a construction loan. That loan will convert to a regular mortgage once the house is complete.

  5. Build. As the build progresses, you will meet regularly with Mr. Ventimiglia to participate in a number of design decisions. Once the City gives the property its Certificate of Occupancy, you are ready to move in!

The Custom Design & Build Process


Contact us to discuss your vision, share your ideas and we’ll get the process started.
Call 313-658-6400

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Joseph Ventimiglia' vision

“Our Goal is to offer a new product type in the City”

Our goal is to build out of the ground new. Our vision is to design & build 1,500 to 3,600 sq. ft. residential homes on single 30' wide city lots, with a second 30' side lot as a private courtyard and with 6’ privacy walls. The floorplans are created with consideration of today's lifestyle demands with utilizing the best product available in the marketplace.

"Builder grade" does not exist in our universe. Creativity, sensitivity to detail, color, and window placement is what sets us apart. Our process in building is to custom design to fit our client’s needs. We revere design. Lines drawn on paper are created with the customers budget as our "rutter". Our process is opposite to the traditional design flow: we first ask for a price point, allow for the cost of a lot, set aside fund for upgrades clarified during the design process and, only then, design a residence to fit our client’s requirements.

"I do not draw lines more than what the Initial budget allows for. I only come off price based on the client’s request".


Once the design phase is completed, we have built a detailed contract ready for submission of a to a lender. With loan approval we are ready to come out of the ground and have some fun selecting finishes with our clients. The process from start to finish takes 9 to 12 months.

Build what you want, where you want, for the price that you choose.


"The City of Detroit is my subdivision. It is the opportunity to find what you cannot find elsewhere. It only takes your imagination to create it for yourself."

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